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ACT long-COVID clinic opens as health system prepares for more cases of illness in Canberra

Gloria Gardener spent a week and a half sleeping on her couch after she fell ill with COVID-19 in January.
The 57-year-old now lives with "long-COVID", a condition defined by symptoms such as ongoing exhaustion, fatigue, headaches and loss of smell months after an initial infection.

"I used to do a lot of mountain bike riding, running and walking," Ms Gardiner said.
The ACT government has set up a new clinic to treat people like Ms Gardener, who have lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

The post-COVID recovery clinic is based in the University of Canberra Hospital at Bruce, and will treat people over the age of 16 who have COVID-19 symptoms more than 12 weeks after they first catch the virus.

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