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10 Quick Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

Hello friends,

Cleaning any time is a dreaded and challenging task for most people because they feel demotivated to sanitise their home or simply lack the time to do it. However, that can change if you follow these 10 quick cleaning hacks that actually work. These tricks are used by professional …

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Galilee School opens new senior secondary college to create alternative pathway to year 12

When she dropped out of school halfway through year nine, Jordan-Jo thought her education was over.

Living in a shelter with her mum, struggling with dyslexia and bullied at all 10 high schools she attended, she was done with the mainstream school system. 

Just over a year later, the 18-year-…

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Parliament House will once again introduce COVID-19 restrictions for politicians, close to the public

Parliament House in Canberra will once again be closed to the public and politicians and their staff will have to follow new restrictions in an effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The new arrangements will come into effect on Monday, August 2, and remain in place until September 3.

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Your Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Checklist By Pros

Hi All!

Keeping a kitchen clean and shiny is not an easy thing, especially when you are at the end of your tenancy. The bond money is at stake and nobody wants to lose hard-earned money because of half baked cleaning. That’s why I did a lot of research and found an article on the internet. It inc…

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Time to deliver promised funding for First Nations water in Murray-Darling Basin, says Labor

The federal opposition says any plan to re-direct government funding promised to Aboriginal Australians to buy water would be "incredibly paternalistic".

First Nations groups have been calling on the government to deliver $40 million, promised by the former water minister David Littleproud in 201…

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Canberra boy destined for sky-high career as he takes his 120th hot air balloon flight

It's not uncommon to see colourful hot air balloons high up in the blue skies of Canberra, especially on weekends.

What is rare, though, is having an 11-year-old co-piloting the floating aircraft.

"When I was two, my parents took me to the Canberra balloon festival and I fell in love with hot …

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