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Useful Kitchen Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know!

The importance of commercial kitchen cleaning in restaurant or hotel

Cleaning and sanitising the kitchen is a regular task everyone has to keep up with because a dirty kitchen can be a reason for contracting illness. It is also among the most complicated areas of the house to clean because of the appliances, countertops, drain, sink, etc. Many people procrastinat…

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What will it take to see wages grow in Australia?

Young Australians have lost a decade of income growth, and as the nation enters a recession that looks perilously similar to a depression, it’s only going to get worse.

A new report by the Productivity Commission revealed that young people’s average incomes declined between 2008 and 2018. In co…

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Australia's Covid-19 border restrictions: where you can travel to and from

After several months of lockdown, Australians everywhere are itching to travel. With international borders closed for the foreseeable future, domestic tourism is becoming an increasingly attractive option. But as Victoria and New South Wales try to contain a second wave of coronavirus cases, differe…

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How to Do Carpet Cleaning Without Moving Furniture?

Hello mates,

Carpet cleaning is a daunting task, particularly when you have furniture. But you can clean the carpets despite the presence of furniture. It would be difficult, but there are ways. To give you more information on this topic, I am sharing an article with you. In this article, you wil…

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Etihad to refund all Australian flights cancelled due to COVID-19

Etihad will offer refunds to all consumers who purchased airfares in Australia which were consequently cancelled due to COVID-19.
The airline will contact consumers who booked directly with the airline as well as Australian-based travel agents to inform customers that they can elect to receive a re…

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Who is allowed to enter South Australia under new COVID-19 border restrictions?

South Australians will not be able to return to their home state from Victoria unless they are essential travellers, starting at one minute past midnight tonight.

Key points:
Only essential travellers will be able to enter South Australia from Victoria
Even South Australian residents in Victori…

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Australia's childcare centres struggle to pay up to $9,000 for Covid-19 cleaning

The not-for-profit early childcare education sector is struggling to pay up to $9,000 for deep cleaning each time a Covid-19 case is identified, while federal government transition payments may not be enough to keep the sector afloat as parents pull their children out of the system.

The United Wo…

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Australia's Karoon soars after striking new oil field deal terms

Australian oil and gas explorer Karoon Energy has renegotiated the terms of a deal worth nearly $1 billion to acquire an oil field off the coast of Brazil due to the coronavirus crisis and global oil price crash.

Karoon last year sealed a deal to buy the shallow-water Bauna field for $US665 milli…

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The mystery at the heart of young Australians joining the far-right

When it comes to the dangers of online recruitment into the extreme far-right movement, the narrative is a sadly familiar one.
Young people are exposed online to "ironic", reaction-baiting memes featuring coded anti-Semitism, racism and white supremacy. A piece in The Atlantic earlier this year, fo…

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Quick ways to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

9 Daily Habits to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy in 2019

Keeping a house clean and dust-free all day long is not an easy thing. You need to clean every corner of your living space on a regular basis. From removing dust from different surfaces to driving out tough stains from carpets, kitchen countertops and sinks to disinfecting high touch areas, you …

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Australia Is Having a Strategic Revolution, and It’s All About China

At the beginning of July, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared that “our region is in the midst of the most consequential strategic realignment since the Second World War.” He wrote that in the introduction to his government’s “Defence Strategic Update” and “Force Structure Plan,” whic…

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Luxury homes in Australia are falling into the ocean due to coastal erosion

In a coastal neighborhood in Australia's New South Wales state, luxury beachfront homes are in danger of collapsing into the ocean.

Residents in more than 40 houses along Wamberal Beach -- located 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of Sydney -- have had to evacuate in recent days as coastal erosion t…

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Removal Companies

Moving is a challenging, stressful, and difficult activity that should be done with the assistance of professionals. However, before booking a removals company, it is imperative to know answers to frequently asked questions about removal companies in Canberra. To know the questions and their respons…

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Cat mind-altering parasite widespread in Australia: study

A surprising new study suggests two-thirds of Australians have been exposed to a potentially mind-altering cat parasite.

Toxoplasma gondii is famous for manipulating the brains of infected mice so they run towards cats, instead of away from them – raising questions about what it could be doing to…

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Coronavirus in Australia: Melbourne begins new shutdown

Australia's second-largest city has begun a second lockdown in response to a spike in new coronavirus infections.

Melbourne's five million residents will be barred from leaving home for six weeks, except for essential reasons.

Police say they are setting up a "ring of steel" around the city, w…

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How to Throw a Housewarming Party on a Budget?

Moving is an expensive process, so it makes sense that you might not want to spend a lot of dollars on a big party. Well, you can throw an amazing housewarming party on a budget. All you need to do is to follow the tips mentioned in the article shared below. Make sure you follow the tips carefully…

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Exclusive: Australia's former top doctor and cancer survivor backs new push to save lives

When Chris Baggoley was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, he knew exactly the battle he was facing.
Because he used to be Australia's top doctor.
Between 2011 and 2016, Dr Baggoley was the country's Chief Medical Officer, advising the government on major health matters including the Ebol…

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Banks throw lifeline to pandemic-hit borrowers to stop financial 'cliff'

Australian banks have thrown a lifeline to pandemic-hit borrowers, saying mortgage holders who paused payments will be able to extend loan deferrals by up to four months if needed.

In an attempt to avoid what some fear is a looming financial "cliff", the banking industry is unveiling a support pa…

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Coronavirus | Australia's second largest city foils nation's pandemic success

Australia has been among the world’s most successful countries in containing its coronavirus outbreak - with one exception.

The southeastern state of Victoria had some of the nation’s toughest pandemic measures and was among the most reluctant to lift its restrictions when the worst of its outb…

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International flights are still bringing thousands of people into Australia, but coronavirus has made it much harder to travel

More than 250,000 international travellers have touched down in Australia since the borders were closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, new figures obtained by the ABC show.

Key points:
About 500 people a day still arrive at Brisbane International Airport
Daily arrivals to Brisbane have fallen b…

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