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Blog posts January 2024

7 Signs To Know It’s Time To Move House

9 Signs to Know it's Time to Move Homes | AssureShift

Certain signs signal when it's time to consider a change of residence. Growing families often trigger a need for more space, while empty nests may prompt downsizing. Job relocations, career shifts, or a desire for a different environment are common catalysts. Deteriorating neighborhood condition…

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Canberra set to become the first place in Australia to legislate the right to a healthy environment

An aerial view of a lakeside park in the foreground, with a mountain topped by a tower in the background.

Canberra could become the first place in Australia to give people a legal right to a healthy environment, with the ACT government today introducing new human rights legislation. The Human Rights (Healthy Environment) Amendment Bill 2023 seeks to address the impacts of climate change and shore up…

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ACT police take aim at ‘moron tourism’ for bad behaviour at Summernats

Car fans are seen during the Summernats festival in Canberra.

A group of “morons” who would fail to enter the ACT if there were IQ requirements at the border are to blame for bad behaviour at one of Australia’s premier car festivals, a senior police officer has said. ACT Policing seized 13 cars, including a Holden Commodore for doing a burnout metres from …

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