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Canberra’s Top 7 Suburbs with Reduced Rents in 2020

Hi there,

Are you planning to move to Canberra and want to settle down in a suburb with a cheap rental amount? Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the rental vacancies, and that has reduced the rental price at many places. I have recently read an article 'Canberra's top 7 suburbs with reduc…

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When will Australians be able to fly overseas for holidays again?

Stepping foot off a plane with passport in hand and into an airport overseas feels like a distant memory for most.

While other countries are reopening their borders to international travel, and places like the USA are lifting overseas travel restrictions for residents, Australians remain confined…

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Childcare confusion: jobkeeper loophole may give some educators access

Family daycare educators may continue to be eligible for jobkeeper despite the Australian government’s decision to cut off the childcare sector’s access to the wage subsidy scheme.

The discovery of the loophole for sole traders providing family daycare has sparked calls for the government to …

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Natural Cleaning Products for White Baseboards

20 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes, Tips & Hacks — madeleine olivia

Most of us are guilty of neglecting the baseboards in our homes when it comes to cleaning. We may spot clean walls but forget to pay attention to the baseboards which get dirty with skid marks, dirt, dust, stains, etc. Therefore, today I am sharing with natural cleaning products you can use for …

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Australia has one of the largest number of micronations in the world

George II (or George Cruickshank, if you insist on "mundane" titles) was a bright and articulate young child — qualities his parents had hoped would put him on the path to a promising career in politics.

"What they got instead was me deciding to create my own country in their backyard and raisi…

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Hundreds of types of face masks withdrawn from sale in Australia amid safety fears

Hundreds of different types of face masks have been withdrawn from Australia’s register of therapeutic goods and the regulator has started a mass audit of the equipment amid concerns that some may not adequately prevent infection.

Surgical or examination masks intended to reduce or prevent the …

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