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Why You Should Downsize or Declutter Before Moving

5 ways to declutter before a move to ensure a smooth, satisfactory ...

Are you planning to move to a new home soon? Then it is essential to downsize or declutter your property to reduce the packing and moving load. Doing these activities is important because many people make the mistake of hoarding and over packing. There are things of sentimental value they don’t get rid of don’t feel the motivation. However, decluttering and downsizing your home can be holistic and make moving into the new property a who new experience. Want to know why you should declutter or downsize before moving according to professionals in Phillip, Canberra? Read on

You use less packing supplies

Since there are fewer things to pack like the boxes, wraps, papers, ropes, and other supplies required is less. It helps you purchase or arrange fewer items for wrapping up your belongings which means, packing is done easily.

You can donate or resell

Downsizing and decluttering helps you get rid of things that are not required or not used for a few months or years. You can sell these things through a garage sale to increase your moving budget. Or, you can donate the items that are not required so that someone who needs it more than you can be helped.

You save time

Naturally when you have two crockery sets to pack than one it will take your more time. By this logic, when there is less stuff, the time taken to pack, handles and move is reduced substantially. Even professional removalists in Phillip, Canberra appreciate when the load is lighter and the client hasn’t over packed.

It is economical

When you over pack there is a chance your hired removalists in Phillip, Canberra charge you extra. Professionals usually provide rates according to weight of the belongings to move and if your property contents weigh more than the stated load then you will have to pay more. However, when you declutter or downsize the number of things to move is reduced and it is easy for people to book removalists and get their assistance without extra charges.


Now that you know why downsizing and decluttering is important, you should make sure these activities are performed when moving. If you have already completed them and looking to hire professionals in Phillip, Canberra for assistance, my reference would be to opt for these removalists These removalists are experienced, reliable and affordable. In addition, they offer their services across Canberra and its suburbs.

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