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Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Moving Heavy Furniture

How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself |

Are you planning to settle down in the best suburb of Canberra? If yes, then look no further than Greenway. This family-friendly suburb boasts of top-class schools, affordable housing options, best healthcare centres, gyms and public transportation facilities. You can move to this beautiful place with your family.

In order to ensure a safe and stress-free moving experience, make sure you create a complete moving checklist and hire professional removalists in Canberra who can transit your heavy furniture with care.

In case, you are on tight budget and planning to move your expensive couch and other belongings on your own, then consider the following safety tips:

1. Look for Potential Risks

Before getting into the lifting process, you need to plan things for a smooth and damage-free transition of your large furniture.

It is good to know exactly what you will be transporting and where. Also, look for potential risks such as potholes, clumsy stairs, etc.

Do not forget to take measurement of your furniture to make sure that they fit through the front door or an elevator without causing any damage.

2. Arrange the Right Lifting Equipment

Most of the physical injuries happen during the lifting process is due to lack of right equipment. It is important to have furniture moving dolly to shift heavy items such as washing machines, bookcases and pianos. You should also have furniture sliders as they will prevent the furniture, floor and carpet from damages.

3. Use Best Quality Packaging Materials

Bubble wraps, shrink wraps and packing tape are ideal for packing bulky furniture and expensive electronic items during the relocation. You can make a list of supplies you need to pack your household furniture. This will help you move to a new house in Greenway, Canberra in without any damage.

4. Ask for Help

Moving heavy furniture without any help can be risky for you. It would be good if you ask your family members, or close friends to help you in lifting and loading heavy furniture. Do not forget to wear gloves and masks throughout the process.

Also, wash your hands and disinfect the furniture if you are moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are searching for the professionals for safe and sound removals in Greenway, then consider hiring the most experienced removal company like

They will take care of your heavy furniture and give you peace of mind.

5. Disassemble Heavy Furniture

It is advised to disassemble heavy furniture before loading them to the moving truck. Read the instructions carefully and take apart large pieces of furniture. This will also fit through narrow doorways and protect them from potential damages.


These are some of the great safety tips that will protect your heavy furniture from scratches and other damages during the relocation process. For better outcomes, you can take professional assistance from the best removalists in Canberra and get your furniture moving without any stress. They will follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines and come to your place with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to give you safe and sound moving experience.


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