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Luxury homes in Australia are falling into the ocean due to coastal erosion

In a coastal neighborhood in Australia's New South Wales state, luxury beachfront homes are in danger of collapsing into the ocean.

Residents in more than 40 houses along Wamberal Beach -- located 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of Sydney -- have had to evacuate in recent days as coastal erosion threatened to damage or destroy the homes.
The multi-million dollar properties sit on a cliff above the water, but days of strong swells have eaten away at the land, causing the cliff face to crumble. Videos from last Friday show white waves surging up the cliff, almost reaching the houses, leaving broken staircases and debris in the sand as the tide pulls away.

Read more:,of%20collapsing%20into%20the%20ocean.&text=Authorities%20declared%20dozens%20of%20homes,to%20CNN%20affiliate%20Nine%20News.


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